About Civil Institute

The Civil Institute Foundation was established on February 10th, 1998 as initiated by the team of the Civil Sector in Bulgaria Research. It is registered with the Sofia City Court.

Mission Statement

The Civil Institute Foundation is established for the purpose of research, elaboration, support and advocacy of the civil society policies.

Overall Objectives

The main goal of the Civil Institute is to promote the development of civil society, philanthropy, and social economy through information, research, education, consultation and advocacy for the empowerment of civil society and human well-being of communities and the society as a whole.

The objectives of the Civil Institute are:

  • to research, elaborate, support and conduct civil policies in all public areas;
  • to promote dialogue, interaction and partnership between civil and state, business and municipal sectors;
  • to encourage and support the dissemination of good practices and innovative ideas to ensure greater competence and effectiveness of the activities of citizens and their organizations;
  • to support autonomous and sustainable development of civil society institutions;
  • to research and promote the development of information and Internet technologies in public governance.