Board of Directors

Dr. Rumen Dimitrov – Chairman of the Board of Directors

Dr. Hristo Hristozov, LL. M – Member of the Board, Managing Director

Dr. Wolf Walschwitz – Member of the Board of Directors

Dr. Zhivko Gueorguiev – Member of the Board of Directors


Operations at the Civil Institute are rooted in the principle of holistic cooperation between all our stakeholders, including employees, clients and society at large. The cooperation aims at optimising the overall business results for all stakeholders through a continuous cycle of evaluation and improvement. Holistic accounts state periodic results and the status of all assets and values defined by the holistic model, giving a more complete picture than the traditional financial accounts that only describe the financial status of the company.

In the Civil Institute, we believe that the Civil Institute’s continued success and development depend very much on loyal and satisfied clients and employees and a responsible attitude to the surrounding community.